Satan is a dodo head...

Life changes are difficult enough on their own. Why does Satan have to be a big ol' dodo head and make them worse?!

Allow me to elaborate by sharing several thoughts that have swirled around this little head the last several days.

You have no skills.

You have no talents.

You are lazy.

You are never going to succeed.

You’re being ridiculous and self-seeking even having these thoughts. Stop throwing yourself a pity party.  

You’re going to get your family kicked out of Uganda when they realize you’re a fraud.

Well, you just screwed that up…. again.

And while these thoughts don’t all happen at once, they still accumulate and try to form how I see myself. Honestly, sometimes I believe these lies. Let me be clear, I don’t share this because I need you to cheer me up or tell me I’m wrong. I share this because I think we can all relate at some point or another.

I share this because I serve a God who is way bigger than these blatant lies and when I feel low, He lifts me high.

He whispers:

 I am His.

I am chosen.  

I am priceless.  

That His fountain will fill me like nothing else.

He reminds me that these thoughts are not from Him, but rather from a liar who doesn’t own me -- a liar who seeks to destroy.

So, how do I hear those whispers? I don’t have a magical gateway to heaven. There are, however, a few different ways I feel God reveals His truths to me.

I hear Him in Scripture that pops into my head. It’s truly amazing how this works. It can be a verse I haven’t read in a while. Sometimes it’s a verse I read at just the right time. Either way, it reaffirms the importance of Psalm 119:11 which tells us, “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.”

Other times, it’s a text from a friend who just wants me to know she is praying for me today. Or it might be a message from another friend who desires to pour truth into my heart. I have some amazing friends. We are vulnerable and honest with one another. It takes time to reach this level, but it is so worth it. I have found Proverbs 17:17 helpful as I vet the depth and sincerity of a friendship. “A {TRUE} friend loves at ALL times, and a brother {OR SISTER} is born for adversity {TO HELP IN TIME OF NEED}.” Emphasis mine.

Sometimes, I hear my Lord in a song I’ve heard a million times which all of a sudden has new meaning. My current favorite is from the passion conferences album…

Here's my heart Lord
Here's my heart Lord
Here's my heart Lord
Speak what is true

'Cause I am found, I am Yours
I am loved, I'm made pure
I have life, I can breathe
I am healed, I am free

I’ve never heard an audible voice from heaven. (If I do, I think it will sound something like Morgan Freeman’s voice.) Instead, I hear Him through these whispers. You can hear them too…I’m praying you learn to listen. I am so serious about how it will change you.

I was still crying about my day and those lies floating around in my head when I started writing the rough draft of this post because I just felt like God was telling me someone else needs to read this and know it’s ok…. Aaannnndddd I’ve paused to blow my nose 85 times. (Someone wants to know that, right?!)

Seriously, though, this is raw. This is truth, even though these feelings are ugly.  Would you keep praying for us as we prepare to move in 16 short days? Satan is seeking to destroy us mentally and emotionally before we leave. Will you join our team of prayer warriors? I am so grateful we’re on the winning team.

From Dust and Ash

To hear “Here’s My Heart” click HERE