Just Being, Together

Mama Caroline was ecstatic to meet another American daughter and quickly embraced Darby as her own. We truly had such an amazing time, but I think what I will take away from Darby's visit is the power of just being -- together.

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Some times it takes a special day to remind us how we should live EACH DAY.  Today was one of those days. I saw a generation of young men eagerly learn how to rise up and begin a new era in their home country.

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Satan is a dodo head...

Life changes are difficult enough on their own. Why does Satan have to be a big ol' dodo head and make them worse?! 

You have no skills.

You have no talents.

You are lazy.

You are never going to succeed.

You’re being ridiculous and self-seeking even having these thoughts. Stop throwing yourself a pity party.

You’re going to get your family kicked out of Uganda when they realize you’re a fraud. 

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Success in the Journey

In 42 days we will be on a plane to Uganda.  It’s coming so quickly, and I don’t know what to expect.  There are days I wonder if we will be effective, if we will think it is worth it, if we will see any results.  But God continues to teach me that His work is not bound by my feelings of success or failure. 

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